About Maya Chandrashekaran

Maya is a Rehabilitation psychologist with a total experience of around 4 years, skilled at understanding and identifying different psychological conditions that affect the cognitive, learning, emotional and behavioural aspects of children and aiding their parents and families to cope and overcome these difficulties through therapies and counselling using techniques and treatment plans designed exclusively for them. She’s also into management of different problems like anger, stress, time, team building, self-esteem, self-confidence using different therapeutic methods. Creating tailormade kits for patients. Currently she is a Student Counsellor at Abhyasa International Residential School, Toopran, Medchal, TS for students from class 4 to class 12. Conducting teacher training programs for handling children with behavioural, emotional, adjustment and learning difficulties. Assessment and identification for the students with any kind of issues in their classroom and dormitory environment.

Maya was also working in Little Stars Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad as a Child- Rehabilitation Psychologist. She has dealt with over 50 client consultations, assessments, and therapy sessions for children with global developmental delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disability, career counselling, Family, and parental counselling.

Maya has conducted online consultations and therapy sessions during the lockdown and continues to do so, especially for patients residing outside Hyderabad. She has worked on research for tool construction, validation, standardisation, prevalence, and other relevant papers. She was Leading the Psychology department’s role in various projects for Choice Foundation – a NGO wing of Little Star Children’s Hospital.

Qualifications & Certifications

  • MPhilRehabilitation Psychology
  • (Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) – Licensed)
  • PGD in Professional Counselling and Clinical Psychology
  • MscApplied Psychology

Coaching Specialities

  • Life coach

Languages known

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu

Maya Chandrashekaran

Hyderabad, India

Life Coach

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