An Interactive Discussion

Feeling good may be in short supply these days. With pandemic on the upswing, rising numbers every day, shortage of medicines and critical care facilities, lockdown and so many negative news stories all around, it’s not easy to not feel helpless and overwhelmed, it’s not easy to stay calm and positive. We believe a conscious and collective effort can help us get through these difficult times, our Co-founder will be talking with Psychologist Maya Chandrashekharan on -how to shift to a positive outlook in difficult times on Friday 23rd April at 4pm.

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Can yoga help us boost immunity?

Can yoga help us boost immunity? Does it work instantly or does it take long to show the results? Can yoga practices help us fight the COVId-19 pandemic in addition to following COVID appropriate behaviour?

We have been living with this challenge for over a year and as at the moment when we are fighting the second wave of COVID infections, it is required to look back , reflect, discuss the learnings and figure out the path forward.

We believe a conscious and collective effort can help us fight this pandemic. We will be talking to Wellness/transformation coach (ICF-ACC) and also a Yoga Acharya to understand how yogic practices helped her fight COVID infection.

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